The Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament Building is the home of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. The building was constructed on a brownfield site and is completely powered by renewable sources. It was designed by Enric Miralles who sadly passed away before the building was completed.

The debating chamber was designed as a horseshoe in an attempt to blur the lines of political divides, making the chamber one of collaboration rather than confrontation. By contrast, the House of Commons in London features parties facing one another during debates. The overall architecture mixes oak, concrete and glass for a unique experience.

More details (including tour information) can be found at The Scottish Parliament website.

Glasgow City Chambers

The City Chambers is the working home of Glasgow City Council. Inside, the building is designed with ornate marble with mahogany panelling. The lighter colour denotes the public-facing side of the building with the darker shade denoting the business side.

The exquisite design was funded by the strength of Glasgow's ship building industry in the eighteenth century.

The chambers have been used on screen in The House of Mirth starring Gillian Anderson, episodes of Outlander and Scotland's favourite sitcom, Still Game.

Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral is the oldest cathedral on mainland Scotland and is also believed to be the oldest building in Glasgow. Also known as St Mungo's Cathedral, this impressive gothic kirk was built on the site that St. Mungo built his church.

The cathedral is owned by the Crown but it is maintained by Historic Environment Scotland. It was also featured in the 2021 movie, The Batman.

The Kelpies

Scottish legends tell of kelpies; shape-shifting water spirits that reside in lochs and other pools of water. Most myths have these fabled creatures appearing in the form of a horse but some have the kelpies taking on human form.

These magnificent sculptures in Falkirk opened to the public in 2013 and represent the horse-powered heritage across Scotland.

More details on visiting The Kelpies can be found on the Helix Park website.

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